Taylor Swift (1989 - )
Taylor Swift-CSI916

Taylor Swift dying in CSI: Turn, Turn, Turn

a.k.a. Taylor Alison Swift


Film DeathsEdit

  • The Giver (2014) [Rosemary]: Commits suicide via being given a lethal injection after being traumatized by memories she witnesses from her father (Jeff Bridges). 

TV DeathsEdit

  • CSI: Turn, Turn, Turn (2009) [Haley Jones]: Accidentally stabbed in the chest with scissors by her mother (Lisa Darr) during an argument in the hotel parking lot. Her body is shown afterwards as George Eads and the others investigate the crime scene, and her death is shown in a flashback later on. (Thanks to Energman, Big O, and Joseph)

Music Video Deaths Edit

  • Look What You Made Me Do (2017) [Past Taylor Swifts]: In one point of the video, an evil version of herself tramples and kicks all of the past versions of herself off a throne where they fall and die, even saying that they're dead.
  • ...Ready For It? (2017) [Robot in DIsguise Taylor Swift]: Smashed to death and killed by another robotic Taylor Swift.
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