Taylor Murphy, before death, in Nightlight


Taylor Murphy in Scream: The Series: Wanna Play a Game?

Taylor Murphy (19?? - )

a.k.a. Taylor Ashley Murphy

Film DeathsEdit

  • Nightlight (2015) [Amelia]: Neck broken (off-camera), either by supernatural forces, or by the possessed Chloe Bridges, after she is mortally wounded; we only see her being carried out of shot before the light cuts out. Her body is shown later in the ravine, along with Carter Jenkins, Mitch Hewer and Shelby Young.
  • Overexposed (2018) [Joanna Schwartz]: Has her neck snapped by Jake Allyn after learning that she had assisted Mary Katherine Duhon in covering up her accidentally killing Jake's brother, Sam Chance.

TV Deaths Edit

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