Tatyana Ali in The Clown at Midnight

Tatyana Ali * The Clown At Midnight

Tatyana Ali * The Clown At Midnight

Tatyana Ali (1979 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • The Clown at Midnight (1998) [Monica]: Stabbed through the back with a spear (through a theater curtain) by Christopher Plummer. Her body is shown again later on when Christopher has the bodies of all his victims arranged sitting in the audience.
  • Brother (2000) [Latifa] Shot to death off-screen by the Italian mob. We only see her brother end her house and scream on top of a doll hanging in front of the house with a bullet hole in its forehead. 
  • Fatal Flip (2015) [Roslyn] Suffocated with plastic wrap by Mike Faiola. Her body is discovered later by Dominique Swain
  • Deadly Match (2019) [Sara Savoy]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Ben Wilkinson; her death is revealed when Alyssa Lynch discovers her body.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Sister of Anastasia N. Ali (producer)

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