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Tatsuya Nakadai in 'Kagemusha'

Tatsuya Nakadai (1932 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Thick Walled Room  (Kabe atsuki heya) (1956) [Soldier]: Shot to death by Japanese soldiers.
  • Black River (Kuroi kawa) (1957)  [Joe]: Pushed in front of a military convoy byIneka Arima and is run over.
  • Odd Obsession (Kagi) (1959) [Kimura]: Poisoned by a maid along with the rest of the main characters in the final minutes.
  • The Human Condition III: A Solider's Prayer (Ninjen no joken) (1961) [Kaji]: Freezes to death in the snow after escaping a Russian prison.
  • Yojimbo (The Bodyguard) (1961) [Unosuke, the Gunfighter]: Stabbed in the stomach with a sword by Toshiro Mifune during the final battle; he dies shortly after the battle is over, with Toshiro kneeling by his side.
  • Sanjuro (Tsubaki Sanjuro) (1962) [Hanbei Muroto]: Cut across the chest with a sword after a duel with Toshiro Mifune.
  • Harakiri (Seppeku) (1962) [Hanshiro Tsugumo]: Begins to kill himself by cutting his stomach open with a blade, but is then shot by multiple musket shots killing him before he can commit ritual suicide.
  • Illusion of Blood (Yotsuya kaidan) (1965) [Iyemon Tamiya]: Trips and lands on a blade while running in a cemetery.
  • Three Yakuza (Matatabi san ning yakuza) (1965) [Hatsukari-no-Sentaro] While still alive at the end of his segment, it's implied he's going to die as he's injured and surrounded by dozen of men with swords. 
  • Cash Calls Hell (Gohiki no shinsh) (1966) [Oida]: Dies of a gunshot wound.
  • The Sword of Doom (Dai-bosatsu Tōge) (1966) [Ryunosuke Tsukue] Presumably Killed by the assassins offscreen after the abrupt ending (It was originally suppose to set-up a sequel but it wasn't profitable)
  • Samurai Rebellion' (Jôi-uchi: Hairyô tsuma shimatsu) (1967) [Tatewaki Asan]: Dies in a sword duel with Toshiro Mifune
  • Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die (Oggi a me...domani a te! / Today It's Me, Tomorrow You)' (1968) [James Elfego]: Shot in the chest by Brett Halsey, after Brett shoots the gun out of Tatsuya's hand.
  • Portrait of Hell (Jigokuhen) (1969) [Yoshihide]: Hangs himself.
  • Tenchu (Hitokiri) (1969) [Hampeita Takechi]: While he is not dead at the end of the film, Shintaro Katsu is told that he will be commiting seppuku within a few days.
  • The Ambitious (Bakumatsu) (1970) [Shintaro Nakaoka] Dies after being stabbed numerous times by mutliple assassins. 
  • Zatoichi Goes to the Fire Fesitval (Zatôichi abare-himatsuri) (1970) [Ronin]: Dies after being cut open in a sword duel with Shintaro Katsu.
  • Hunter in the Dark (Yami no karyudo) (1979) [Gomyo Kiyoemon]: Dies after having his neck sliced open in a duel with Sonny Chiba.
  • Kagemusha (Shadow Warrior) (1980) [Shingen Takeda/Kagemusha]: Playing a dual role, "Shingen" is shot by an enemy warrior, and dies some time afterwards while being carried across the mountain trail. "Kagemusha" is shot to death in a battle with Daisuke Ryu's forces.
  • Onimasa: The Japanese Godfather (Kiryûin Hanako no shogai) (1982) [Masagoro Kiryuin - Onimasa]: It is mentioned in the voice over at the end of the film that Tatsuya died two years after the films climatic battle in prison.
  • Ran (Revolt) (1985) [Lord Hidetora Ichimonji]: Dies of old age/natural causes, compounded by grief over the death of his son (Daisuke Ryu).
  • Hachi-ko (1987) [Shujiro Ueno]: Dies of a cerebral hemorrhage while teaching his class.
  • Heat Wave (Kagero) (1991) [Tsunejiro Murai]: Stabbed in the stomach by Hakuryû
  • Wicked City (Yiu sau dou si) (1992) [Yuen Tai-Chung] Dies after all his energy is depleted.
  • Lone Wolf and Cub: The Final Conflict (Kozure Ôkami: Sono chîsaki te ni) (1993) [Yagyu Retsudo]: Dies of his wounds after being stabbed in the stomach.
  • Vengeance For Sale (Sukedachi-ya Sukeroku) (2001) [Umetaro Katakura] Shot in the chest by Ittoku Kishibe and then stabbed by numerous samurai. 
  • Zatoichi: The Last (2010) [The Boss]: Dies of his wounds inflicted by a cane sword by Shingo Katori.
  • Haru's Journey (Haru tono tabi) (2010) [Tadao Nakai]: Dies in his sleep of a heart attack or other illness while in a train with his grandaughter who begins to shake him, realizing he has died.

TV Deaths[]