Tanya Dempsey (1975 - )
Tanya Dempsey-Guardian of the Realm

Tanya Dempsey's death in Guardian of the Realm

aka. Tanya Christine Dempsey

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Frightening (2002) [Tanya]: Garrotted from behind by one of the killers' students while sitting in her car.
  • Hell Asylum (2002) [Amber]: Stomach torn open (off-screen) by the ghosts; the scene cuts away after one of the ghosts tears off her fingers. Her body is shown afterwards when Sunny Lombardo discovers her. (Thanks to Jimmy and James)
  • Guardian of the Realm (2004) [Alex Marlowe]: Stabbed in the chest when one of the cultists throws her own dagger at her while she's chained up by her wrists. She later died in the arms of Glen Levy(Thanks to G-Man)


Noteworthy Connections Edit

  • Ex-Mrs. Diego Varas
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