Tane McClure in Inferno

Tane McClure in Inferno

Tane McClure (1958 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Midnight Tease 2 (1995) [Lacy]: Shot (off-screen) by Ross Hagen as she is attempting to suffocate Kimberly Kelley with a plastic bag.
  • Night Shade (1995) [Charmagne]; Tim Abell breaks open an opaqued window letting the sunshine turn her, a vampire, into ashes. 
  • Inferno (1997) [Callista Sinclair]: Falls to her death from a flight of stairs during a fight with Deepti Bhatnagar. She dies shortly after talking to Don Wilson.
  • Revamped (2007) [Lilith]: Stabbed in the heart when Christa Campbell throws a wooden stake at her, which was originally intended for Jeff Rector as Tane uses herself as a shield to protect Jeff.

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