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Tales from the Crapper (2004)

Directors: Dave Paiko, Brian Spitz, Chad Ferrin, Gabriel Friedman, and Lloyd Kaufman


Anthology composed of two unfinished low-budget horror films (one featuring an alien preying on strip-club patrons, and one featuring vampire strippers), re-edited and partially redubbed to comedically acknowledge their "crappiness."

Male Deaths[]

  • Elwood Carlisle [Private Dick Sam Black]
  • Kevin Eastman [Travis Dance]
  • Jorge Garcia [Raccoon Head]
  • Adam Jahnke [Purse Snatcher]
  • Andy Lazarus [Timmy's Skinny Buddy]
  • Danny Morgan [Guardo]
  • Timothy Muskatell [Guy Who Finds the Spaceship]
  • Trey Parker [Steve Keen]
  • Ted Raimi [Next Door Neighbor]
  • Eli Roth [Guy at Party]
  • Paul Salamoff [Office Chair Victim]
  • Josh Taylor [Fake Zit Guy]

Female Deaths[]