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Takashi Sorimachi in Zatoichi: The Last.

Takashi Sorimachi (1973 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Full-Time Killer (Chuen jik sat sau) (2001) [O]: Shot by Andy Lau. However, it turns to be a story and Andy was the one who actually died. Takashi survives the film. 
  • Yamato (Otoko-tachi no Yamato) (2005) [Shōhachi Moriwaki]: Drowns (off-screen) following the sinking of the Yamato. We last see him swimming out to his death after getting Katsumi Kamio (Kenichi Matsuyama) onto a rope by one of the rescue ships.
  • Zatoichi: The Last (2010) [Ryuji]: Stabbed to death by Kosuke Toyohara

TV DeathsEdit

  • GI Samurai: The TV Series (Senjoku jieitai sekigahara no tatakai) (2006) [Major]: Shot to death with arrows and bullets by soldiers. 

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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