Tak Sakaguchi (1975 - )


Tak Sakaguchi in Azumi

Film DeathsEdit

  • Versus (2000) [Prisoner KSC2-303]: Stabbed with a sword in the prologue by Hideo Sakaki. He returns in a reincarnated version of himself in the main story.
  • Alive (2002) [Zeros]: Shot in the head after being defeated in a fight by Bengaru.
  • Azumi (2003) [Sanzo Sajiki]: Stabbed in the back by Aya Ueto.
  • Godzilla: Final Wars (Gojira: Fainaru uôzu) (2004) [Xilian]: Dies when the ship he is in explodes.
  • Azumi 2 (2005) [Tsuchigumo]: Stabbed to death with a sword by Aya Ueto.
  • Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (Shinobi) (2005) [Yashamaru]: Killed by one of the other ninjas.
  • Yo-Yo Girl Cop (Sukeban deka: Kodo nemu= Asamiya Saki) (2006) [Romeo's thug]: Accidentally machine gunned in the back by one of his own men. 
  • Tokyo Gore Police (Tokyo zankoku keisatsu) (2008) [Koji Tanaka] Sliced with two chainsaws by Eihi Shiina who then cuts him down the middle with a sword.  
  • Yakuza Weapon (Gokudo heiki) (2011) [Shozo] Dies when the atomic bomb goes off in his dad's body.
  • Why Don't You Play In Hell? (Jigoku de naze warui) (2013) [Sasaki]: Machine-gunned to death by the police that raid the climatic battle.
  • Kingdom (Kingudamu) (2019) [Zuo Ci] Stabbed in the neck by Kento Yamazaki.


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