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Tabu (with Suraj Sharma) before her off-screen death in 'Life of Pi'


Tabu (1970 - )

Tabbassum Fatima Hashmi a.k.a Tabu

Film Deaths:[]

  • Maachis (Matches) (1996) [Veerandra a.k.a. Veeran]: Commits suicide by taking a cyanide capsule, after giving another cyanide pill to the imprisoned Chandrachur Singh.
  • Hu Tu Tu (1999) [Panna]: Killed in a suicide bombing when she and Sunil Shetty detonate their explosives at a political campaign rally.
  • Tarkieb (2000) [Roshni Choubey]: Killed by Akhilendra Mishra. (Details needed.)
  • Jaal: The Trap (2003) [Neha Pandit]: Shot four times (twice in her chest, twice in her stomach) by Reema Sen as she tries to kill Sunny Deol.
  • Maqbool (2003) [Nimmi]: Commits suicide. (Details needed.)
  • Life of Pi (2012) [Gita Patel]: Either drowned (off-screen) when the ship sinks, or stabbed to death (again off-screen) by Gerard Depardieu in a struggle in the lifeboat. (Irrfan Khan tells two different versions of the story, leaving it up to the viewer's interpretation which of the two stories is true.) (Thanks to Tommy and Tim)
  • Haider (2014) [Ghazala Meer]: Exploding herself with grenades strapped to her body.
  • Andhadhun (2018) [Simi]: Killed when she tried on run over Ayushmann Khuranna, but lost control of the car when a nearby hunter who is trying to kill a hare misses, causing the hare to jump and hit the windshield.
  • Kuttey (2023) [Pammi Sharma]: First got fatally shot by Arjun Kapoor. Then died when Arjun Kapoor escapes when she detonate bomb on her dying moments.

TV Deaths:[]


Noteworthy Connections:[]

Sister of Farha Naaz

Niece of Shabana Azmi


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Tabu (film unknown)