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Tab Hunter in Polyster

Tab Hunter (1931 - 2018)

Film Deaths[]

  • Gunman's Walk (1958) [Ed Hackett]: Beaten to the draw in a gunfight with his father, Van Heflin, in the film's climax. (Thanks to Brian
  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) [Sam Dodd]: Executed by hanging by Paul Newman and his marshals; the scene ends on a freeze frame of Tab's face as he starts to drop.
  • Polyster (1981) [Todd Tomorrow]: Hit by a car driven by Hans Kramm as Tab is running out of Divine's house.
  • Pandemonium (1982) [Blue Grange]: Crushed to death when Carol Kane uses her tekenetic powers to make a statue of Tab run over the real Tab on a football field. We see Tab's legs sticking out from under the statue afterwards.
  • Cameron's Closet (1988) [Owen Lansing]: Decapitated while he was in his son's (Scott Curtis) closet when it started shaking and hit his neck on a machete.

TV Deaths[]

None known.