Top: Suzy Parker in The Best of Everything
Bottom: Suzy Parker dead in The Best of Everything

Suzy Parker (1932 - 2003)

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Best of Everything (1959) [Gregg Adams]: Falls off the fire escape while backing away from Wally Brown, after being caught lurking outside Louis Jourdan's apartment. Her body is shown afterwards (covered by a sheet) being carried away on a stretcher. (Thanks to Gerardo)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Night Gallery: The Housekeeper (1970) [Carlotta]: After Larry Hagman mystically switches her mind with Jeanette Nolan's, he injects Jeanette's body with a drug or poison to simulate a heart attack; the scene cuts away as Larry approaches with the needle. (since it's Suzy's mind that dies in Jeanette's body, I'm listing this under both actresses).

Notable Connections Edit

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