Suzy Aitchison (1960 - )


Suzy Aitchison in 'Bloody New Year'

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Bloody New Year (Horror Hotel; Time Warp Terror) (1987) [Lesley]: Mauled to death by a monster that emerges from the surface of a table; she later comes back to life due to the time/reality warp on the island. (when she initially appears, it seems as though she simply escaped from the monster; her undead nature isn’t apparent until she reveals her disfigured face.)

TV Deaths: Edit

  • French & Saunders: French and Saunders Actually (2003) [Murder victim]: Killed (off-screen; exact method unspecified) by an unknown assailant; her body is shown afterwards lying in the woods when Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders discover her. She comes back to life after Daniel Casey and John Nettles arrive at the scene, and the two pairs of detectives argue over which show they’re doing. She sits up and explains that she’s moonlighting as the corpse in both series, then lies back down once again. (Played for comic effect).

Noteworthy Connections Edit

  • Daughter of June Whitfield
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