Suzanne Ahmet in 'Jonathan Creek: The Judas Tree'


Suzanne Ahmet (19?? - )

Film Deaths:[edit | edit source]


TV Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Jonathan Creek: The Judas Tree (2010) [Kim]: Impaled on an iron fence when Sasha Behar pushes her out of a window (with Suzanne in a wig and clothes identical to Sasha's), as part of a scheme by Sasha and Paul McGann to fake Sasha's death and frame Natalie Walter for her "murder." We initially see Suzanne falling from a distance, before Paul switches her body with Sasha so that Sasha can accuse Natalie before pretending to die; the murder is shown in more detail later on in flashback when Alan Davies explains what happened. (Note: The character is pregnant.)
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