Susanna Thompson (1958 - ) 


Susanna Thompson in Arrow: Seeing Red

Film DeathsEdit

  • Random Hearts (1999) [Peyton Van Den Broeck]: Killed in a plane crash, along with her lover Peter Coyote and everyone else onboard. Her body is later seen submerged beneath the ocean as divers investigate the wreck, then again as her husband (Harrison Ford) visits the recovered bodies to identify her (we later see her funeral).
  • Dragonfly (2002) [Dr. Emily Darrow]: Mortally wounded when the bus she's in is hit by landslide/mudflow killing everyone else on board (including Argenis Pirela and David Correia), She dies as Yanomami Natives pull her from the wreckage and manage to deliver her unborn daughter. She appears as a ghost throughout the film, with her death shown in flashback as she shows her last moments to her husband (Kevin Costner) as he is having a near death experience before being revived by Jacob Vargas.

TV DeathsEdit


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