Susan Saint James (1946 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Magnificent Thief (1968) [Stewardess Ann Edwards]: See TV Deaths below. This is the pilot episode of the TV series It Takes a Thief, re-edited and released as a theatrical feature; it may be arguable whether this constitutes a "film," but I'll list it just in case. (Thanks to Tom)
  • Love at First Bite (1979) [Cindy Sondheim]: Drained of blood and turned into vampire (off-screen) by George Hamilton, after he bites her a third time. We only see them in bat form fly over an ocean. (Played for comedic effect).

TV Deaths:Edit

  • It Takes a Thief: A Thief Is a Thief (1968) [Stewardess Ann Edwards]: Killed (off-screen) by enemy agents; her body is shown afterwards when Robert Wagner discovers her in a hotel room. (Thanks to Tom)
  • McMillan: All Bets Off (1976) [Sally McMillan]: Killed (off-screen) in a plane crash, some time before the episode begins. (Susan had last appeared in the previous season-ending episode McMillan & Wife: Point of Law; when she left the series in a contract dispute, the character was written out and the series was retitled McMillan.)
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