Susan Ruttan, Family Law

Susan Ruttan dead in Family Law: Stealing Home

Susan Ruttan (1948 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Bad Dreams (1988) [Miriam]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by jumping from the roof of the hospital; her body is shown lying on the ground afterwards when Jennifer Rubin looks down and sees her. (It's initially suggested that she was killed by Richard Lynch's ghost, but it's eventually revealed that Jennifer was only hallucinating that she saw Richard, and that all the deaths actually were suicides brought on by Harris Yulin's drugs and psychological manipulation.)
  • Dead Air (2009) [Maggie]: Mauled by an infected Anthony Ray Parker while Bill Moseley looks it on.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Family Law: Stealing Home (2000) [Maryann Huntley]: After she lost her case at court, Ruttan was hit by a truck outside of the court while she passed a street (off screen). Julie Warner witnessed this accident and later attended Ruttan's wake together with Phillip Rhys in the church.
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