Susan French before her off-screen death in 'Somewhere in Time'

Susan French (1912 - 2003)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Somewhere in Time (1980) [Older Elise]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes; we last see her when she returns home after delivering a mysterious message to Christopher Reeve. We learn of her death when Christopher tries to locate her years afterwards, and Teresa Wright informs Christopher that she died that same night. Her spirit appears in the form of her younger self (Jane Seymour) when she's reunited with Christopher in the afterlife. (Thanks to Shelly)
  • House (1985) [Aunt Elizabeth]: Hangs herself. 
  • Flatliners (1990) [Terminal Woman]: Dies of terminal illness in the hospital ward (off-screen). Her death is evident when Julia Roberts (after having underwent the near death flatline experiment) visits the ward and cries upon noticing the vacancy in the patient's bed, as the nurse tries to console her.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Man of the People (1992) [Sev Maylor]: Dies when her life force had been depleted because of an alien crystal that Charles Lucia had used on her to make a "receptacle" for his negative emotions. Susan was supposed to be a woman of thirty but the effect of what Charles' ritual did to her it made her appear in her nineties until she died. She's seen in her quarters when Gates McFadden unsuccessfully attempts to revive her and again later in the morgue.


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