Surveen Chawla (1984 - )

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Sacred Games: Ashwathama (2018) [Unidentified Woman/Jojo Mascarenhas]: Shot in the back of the waist off-screen.We only see she's dragging herself wounded on the floor until Nawazuddin Siddiqui comes to her and shoots at her head off-camera while she was mocking him and laughing despite assuming her iminent fate.Her dead body is seen lying again when Saif Ali Khan breaches the corridor of the closed compartment  to catch Nawazuddin.Finally her body is shown again in the next episode (Sacred Games: Halahala) when Saif sit beside her corpse to investigate.Her death was again shown in the next season episode (Sacred Games: Radcliffe).
  • 24: India (2016) [Maya]: Possibly killed during an escape.(I have not seen this my self.But the character she was based on in the original America series 24,Claudia Hernandez,was killed in this same manner.That's why i have included this)

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