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Summer of 84 (2018)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. At one point Mackey mentions to Davey that he has a couple of walkies retired from the police force that he can borrow - saying that "they pick up everything", which implies Mackey could have been listening in on all the boys' communications.
  2. In Mackey's secret lockup is a Volkswagen Beetle. The same make of car owned by serial killer Ted Bundy.
  3. In the boys' clubhouse, a poster hangs showing the cover of the 1983 final issue of the punk rock zine Touch and Go. The cover features Henry Rollins (vocalist for State of Alert; Black Flag; Rollins Band) and Ian MacKaye (vocalist for Minor Threat and Fugazi).
  4. When the boys are in the clubhouse talking about Nikki, Tommy is seen drinking a bottle of MacReady's Whiskey. This is a nod to The Thing (1982) where Kurt Russell's character, R.J. MacReady, drinks J&B Scotch Whiskey at different points in the movie.
  5. When Davey cleans his closet, just before finding the G.I. Joe's walkie-talkies, you can clearly spot a figurine of Turbo Kid, the title character of RKSS Films previous film, Turbo Kid (2015).
  6. The fictional arcade game Polybius of urban legend appears in the background of the bowling alley with an out of order sign on it.
  7. Cruel Summer by Bananarama plays while they are riding their BMXs. Exactly the same positioning in the Karate Kid with Daniel LaRusso riding his BMX to the same track. A cool nod considering it was released in the Summer of 84.

When Eats, Farraday, and Woody are about to enter Sammy Hoffman's home you can hear Woody saying, "I have a bad feeling about this, " which is a reference to the Star Wars movies. 43:29 mark of the movie.

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Female Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Forthcoming

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