Suet Lam (right) About to be stabbed in Dog Bite Dog

Suet Lam (1964 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Kung Fu Hustle (Kung Fu) (2004) [Axe Gang Vice General]: Kicked so hard that his back breaks. Is last seen foaming at the mouth and having a seizure while in a garbage container. Seeing as we don't see him after, listing it just in case. 
  • Divergence (Saam cha hau) (2005) [Mou Wai Bun]: Garrotted by Ekin Cheng off-screen. His body is later shown floating in water.
  • Exiled (Fong Juk) (2006) [Fat]: Dies from gunshot wounds inflicted during the film's climatic shootout by Simon Yam and his men, he dies with a smile on his face having succeeded in helping to kill Yam.​​
  • Dog Bite Dog (Gau ngao gau) (2006) [Insp. 'Fat' Lam]: Stabbed in the throat by Edison Chen after being held as a hostage.
  • Triangle (Tie saam gok) (2007) [Fat Bo]: While still alive at the end of the film, he is tied to a post in water and is being approached by a gator which is going to eat him.
  • Mad Detective (San taam) (2007) [Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality]: Suet plays a personality of Ka Tung Lam that can only be seen by Ching Wan Lau. When Ka is shot to death, Suet goes as well.
  • Triad Wars (Fatal Move) (Duo shuai) (2008) [Wong Shu Chor / Fat Ball]: Shot to death while changing in the police locker room.
  • Vengeance (Fuk Sau) (2009) [Fat Lok]: Mortally wounded after being shot multiple times in a gunfight with Simon Yam and his men. His death is then mentioned in a news program after his body is found in the landfill where the shootout took place at.
  • Shinjuku Incident (San suk si gin) (2009) [Old Ghost]: Stabbed to death when the warehouse he is in is raided by the Yakuza.
  • Accident (Yi ngoi) (2009) [Fatty]: Hit by a bus after the driver loses control.
  • Triple Tap (Cheung wong chi wong) (2010) [Fung Chi-Wo]: Shot to death when an exchange goes wrong.
  • Drug War (Du zhan) (2012)  [Fatso]: Shot repeatedly to death by Honglei SunWallace Chung, and Guangjie Li when Louis Koo leaves him and several others to die during a shootout near a bus depot.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

None Known

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