Stung (2015)

Director: Benni Diez

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Chaos strikes at a fancy garden party when killer wasps mutate into 7-foot-tall predators and go on a grisly rampage.


  • Writer Adam Aresty came up with the idea for the story while working as a caterer at an outdoor party with a severe wasp infestation problem.
  • Lance Henriksen worked for one week. Moreover, Henriksen came up with the idea to make Caruthers an alcoholic.
  • The opening sequence with Matt O'Leary and Jessica Cook driving to the mansion wasn't in the script. Moreover, Cook and O'Leary had to be flown back to Germany for the filming of this additional scene.
  • During the basement scene, a quick shot of the fertilizer containers reveals the brand name Trioxin. Trioxin is the same chemical that reanimated corpses in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.
  • Paul saved Julia from the wasp queen in an earlier draft of the script.
  • Peter Stormare was originally considered to play Sydney.

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