Strother Martin in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'

Strother Martin (1919 - 1980)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Target Zero (1955) [Private Dan O'Hirons]: Fatally wounded (off-screen) in combat against North Korean troops; he is already wounded when he first appears and spends much of the movie being transported by his fellow soldiers. He eventually dies of his injuries, and we learn of his death when Peggie Castle informs the other men in his unit.
  • Attack (1956) [Sergeant Ingersol]: Shot to death by German troops when his unit is wiped out while storming their position.
  • Cowboy (1958) [Trailhand/Wagon Driver]: Bitten by a rattlesnake; he dies shortly afterwards with the other cowhands gathered around him. Richard Jaeckel had found the snake, scooped it up with a piece of brushwood and thrown it to Dick York. He catches it and throws it back but his aim is off and it lands around Martin's neck and bites him.
  • Showdown (1963) [Charlie Reeder]: Unarmed and innocent, he is shot down by the Marshal's men when he comes out of the Express Office which has just been raided. (Thanks to Brian)
  • SSSSSSS (SSSSnake) (1973) [Dr. Carl Stoner]: Bitten by a cobra. (Thanks to Stephen and Michael)
  • Love and Bullets (1979) [Louis Monk]: Drowned in the swimming pool when Charles Bronson shoves him down under the water with a scoop.

TV Death:Edit


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