Steven Williams in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Steven Williams (1949 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Sender (1998) [Lockwood]: Presumably killed by one of the aliens
  • Night Class (2001) [Sheehan]: Presumably killed by mobsters
  • Dark Wolf (2003) [Hartigan]: Presumably killed by one of the werewolves
  • Graves End (2005) [Paul Rickman]: Presumably commits suicide by shooting himself or dies of dehydration after being buried alive by Eric Roberts and the other townspeople (the scene ends with him waking up to find himself in a coffin with an air hole directly to the surface and a gun with one bullet)

TV Deaths:Edit

  • MacGyver: Countdown (1986) [Charlie Robinson]: Killed in an explosion when he accidentally triggers one of Michael Cavanaugh's bombs while trying to disarm the bomb.
  • The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage (1991) [Black Jack Savage]: Executed by hanging; he appears as a ghost in the present day throughout the series. (I haven't seen this series myself, but have read the premise on its IMDb listing.)
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