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Orlov's death

Steven Berkoff in Octopussy

Steven Berkoff (1937 -)


Film Deaths[]

  • Outland (1981) [Sagan]: Shot to death by James B. Sikking during a hostage situation with Sharon Duce. His body is later seen when Sean Connery unzips his body-bag to take a blood sample.
  • Octopussy (1983) [General Orlov]: Shot multiple times in the back by East German Border guards, as Steven tries to jump aboard the train, after they find out he had betrayed them. He dies as Walter Gotell condemns his actions, while Steven expresses his belief that he will die a hero to the Soviet Union.
  • Beverly Hills Cop (1984) [Victor Maitland]: Shot multiple times in the chest by Ronny Cox and Eddie Murphy, causing Steven to fall down a flight of stairs, when the police raid Steven's mansion. 
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) [Lieutenant Colonel Sergei T. Podovsky]: Killed in an explosion when a rock is fired by Sylvester Stallone at Steven's helicopter. 
  • Underworld (Transmutations) (1985) [Motherskille]: Dies after inhaling toxic gas.
  • The Krays (1990) [George Cornell]: Shot in the head by Gary Kemp. Steven expresses his belief that Gary does not have the nerve to shoot him, and confidently drinks his beer, before Gary shoots him point blank in the forehead, killing Steven instantly.
  • Fair Game (1995) [Colonel Ilya Kazak]: Drowned/Killed in an explosion when the freighter he's on is set ablaze from a bomb planted by William Baldwin and sinks (while he is trying to finish a bank transfer).
  • Steal (Riders) (2002) [Surtayne]: Killed in an explosion when he gets out of his van seat after sitting on a pressure sensitive mine rigged by Stephen Dorff in order to fake his death.
  • The Headsman (2005) [Inquisitor]: Throat slashed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau while Nikolaj is holding Steven hostage in front of a crowd of horrified onlookers.
  • The Cottage (2008) [Arnie]: Killed, off camera (along with his cohorts) with a pickaxe by Dave Legeno, the scene ends as Dave charges at them.
  • The Tourist (2010) [Reginald Shaw]: Shot repeatedly (along with his cohorts) by police snipers while he is standing beside a window, while holding Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie at gunpoint.
  • Red 2 (2013) [Cobb]: Throat slit with a small origami dagger by Byung-hun Lee, after Byung-hun folds up a photograph into the shape of a blade. As Steven dies, he appears to be bowing to Byung-hun, who bows back and exits the room, causing Steven's guards, who are watching the CCTV, to not realise Steven is dead until Byung-hun has already escaped.
  • We Still Kill the Old Way (2014) [Charlie Archer]: Beaten to death by gang members, after Steven defended a woman from being raped, he holds them off long enough for her to run away.

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Killzone (2004) [Joseph Lente]: Shot by Sean Pertwee after Steven reveals that he was responsible for the death of Sean’s brother.