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Stephen Moyer in 88 Minutes

Stephen Moyer (1969 - )

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Highlander: The Raven: Thick as Thieves (1999) [Jeremy Dexter]: (1) Shot to death by Jan Triska while trying to escape from his car falling into a river. (2) Shot by Paul Johansson while also trying to escape. As an Immortal, he comes back to life both times.
  • Waking The Dead: Undertow (2005) [Steven Hunt]: Drowned in a bath by his father (Peter Wight) when he learns that Stephen is a serial killer. (Thanks to Brian)
  • True Blood: Thank You (2014) [Bill Compton]: Playing a vampire, he commits suicide by helping Anna Paquin push a stake through his heart as he no longer wants to live. His body then explodes after the stake goes through his heart.
  • Shots Fired: Hour Nine: Come to Jesus (2017) [Lt. Calvert Breeland]: Shot to death by Will Patton. His death is shown again during a flashback in the following episode Hour Ten: Last Dance.

Notable Connections[]