Stephen McNally (1913 - 1994)

a.k.a. Horace McNally


Stephen McNally in Violent Saturday.

Film Deaths Edit

  • Rogues' Regiment (1948) [Martin Bruener]: Executed by hanging.
  • Johnny Belinda (1954) [Laughlin 'Locky' McCormick]: Shot in the back by Jane Wyman when he tries to go upstairs to take her baby. We see Jane firing the shotgun, then see Stephen's body fall down the stairs.
  • Winchester '73 (Montana Winchester) (1950) [Dutch Henry Brown]: Reportedly shot to death in a gunfight with James Stewart. (I haven't seen this movie myself) (Thanks to Fred)
  • The Black Castle (1952) [Count Von Bruno]: Shot, along with Michael Pate by Richard Greene (as they try to race to his coffin without knowing there were pistols in it).
  • Devil's Canyon (1953) [Jessie Gorman]: Machine gunned by Dale Robertson , who is manning a gatling gun in the prison watchtower.  (Thanks to Brian)
  • Split Second (1953) [Sam Hurley]: He and Alexis Smith are still alive at the end of the film but are driving to their deaths into the area for the detonation of an atomic bomb. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Hell Bent For Leather (1960) [Deckett] : Blasted with a shotgun from a few yards distant by Jan Merlin . (Thanks to Brian)
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