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Stephen Graham in Texas Killing Fields

Stephen Graham (1973 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Gangs of New York (2002) [Shang]: Beaten to death by soldiers as Leonardo DiCaprio screams his name.
  • Public Enemies (2009) [Baby Face Nelson]: Shot to death by Christian Bale. (in real life, FBI agents killed Baby Face Nelson, not Melvin Purvis (portrayed by Bale); the movie says Baby Face is killed before John Dillinger (portrayed by Johnny Depp) is gunned down, but Dillinger was killed before Baby Face was gunned down by the FBI).
  • Season of the Witch (2011) [Hagamar]: Eaten by possessed wolves controlled by a demon.
  • Texas Killing Fields (The Fields) (2011) [Rhino]: Slashed then stabbed in the chest with a butcher knife by a dying Sheryl Lee after being shot repeatedly by James Hébert. He dies after stumbling outside while Sam Worthington looks on impassively rather than call for help.
  • Best Laid Plans (2012) [Danny]: Dies of internal bleeding and his injuries sustained after being forced into a cage match.
  • Journey's End (2017) [Trotter]: Dies (off-screen), along with everyone else in the trench, when it is shelled. We see German soldiers walking around it's remnants, and it is clear there no survivors.
  • Yardie (2018) [Rico]: Strangled with a cable by Sheldon Shepherd.
  • Hellboy (2019) [Gruagach]: Playing the voice of Grugach, he dies after Milla Jovovich  shrinks him, which eventually causes him to explode. 
  • The Irishman (2019) [Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provenzano]: Dies off-screen during the passage of time. His death is mentioned to Robert De Niro by two FBI agents. 

TV Deaths[]

  • Good Cop: Episode 1 (2012) [Noel Finch]: Shot by Warren Brown.
  • A Christmas Carol (2019) [Jacob Marley]: Dies offscreen of unspecified causes sometime before the start of the story. He appears as a ghost to Guy Pearce.


Stephen Graham about to get killed in Season of the Witch

Notable connections[]

  • Mr. Hannah Walters.