Stephen Boyd in Genghis Khan


Omar Sharif about to kill Stephen Boyd in Genghis Khan

Stephen Boyd (1931 - 1977)

Film DeathsEdit

  • A Hill In Korea (Hell In Korea) (1956) [Pte Sims]: Falls heavily onto his chest and bangs his head when losing his footing. His only apparent injury is to his leg but he later coughs up blood and dies, presumably from internal injuries. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Bravados (1958) [Bill Zachary]: Shot in the chest by Gregory Peck in the Mexican Bar Saloon.
  • Ben-Hur (1959) [Massala]: Trampled by horses at the end of the chariot race, he later dies in the 'hospital' talking to Charlton Heston.
  • Genghis Khan (1965) [Jamuga]: Stabbed in the chest by Omar Sharif at the end of a lengthy sword duel, while Stephen is lying on his back after being knocked to the ground; we only see Omar bringing the sword down for the fatal blow. (Thanks to Brian)

TV DeathsEdit

  • None known

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