Stephen Bogaert (19?? - )

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Stephen Bogaert in It (2017)

Film Death:Edit

Film Death:Edit

  • IT (2017) [Alvin Marsh]: Bludgeoned with a toilet lid by his daughter (Sophia Lillis) as he tries to rape her. His body shows as Jaeden Lieberher found him at bathroom. His fate was comfirmed that he did survive the bludgeon in the sequel (It: Chapter Two (2019)). However, this listing will remain as it was intended to be his "death".
  • It: Chapter Two (2019) [Alvin Marsh]: Dies of unspecified causes sometime between the first movie and this one. His death is mentioned when Joan Gregson informs his daughter (Jessica Chastain) that he died. He appears to Jessica later in the film as an illusion created by Bill Skarsgard.

Television Death:Edit

  • Between: Who's the Boss (2015) [Charles Lotts, Sr.]: Dies (off-screen) of the virus that wiped out the adult population of the town. His body is shown laid out reverently on a couch in his home as his son (Justin Kelly) looks on.

Video Game Death:Edit


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