Stephanie Romanov (1969 - )

Stephanie Romanov in Angel: Calvary

TV Deaths [edit | edit source]

  • Models Inc.: Pilot (1994) [Teri Spencer]: Pushed over a balcony while she's drunk. (Note: Stephanie later rejoined the series as a regular, playing a different character) (Thanks to Pat)
  • Seven Days: Sister's Keeper (1999) ['Svetlana Vukovitch']: Stabbed to death by Ivan Kulich. (Note: When Jonathan LaPaglia backsteps seven days, she is alive throughout the episode).
  • Angel: Calvary (2003) [Lilah Morgan]: Stabbed in the neck by Charisma Carpenter (who was possessed by Gina Torres). (Thanks to Alex)

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

  • Mrs. Nick Wechsler (producer)
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