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Stefano Patrizi in Fear

Stefano Patrizi (1950 -)

Film Deaths []

  • Rome Armed to the Teeth (Roma a mano armata; The Tough Ones) (1976) [Stefano]: Shot in the head through his car window by Maurizio Merli, after Stefano deliberately tries to run Maurizio down.
  • The Cassandra Crossing (1976) [Terrorist]: Shot by a guard while committing a terror act, he is then further infected when a glass cylinder breaks in a small lab. He later dies (unclear which) when Burt Lancaster and Ingrid Thulin analyze and question him.
  • Young, Violent, Dangerous (Liberi armati pericolosi) (1976) [Mario Farra] Dies when the car he is in drives off a bridge rather than be arrested.
  • Fear (L'Ossessione che uccide; Delirium; Murder Obsession; Murder Syndrome) (1981) [Michael Stanford]: Killed (off-screen; I can't recall the exact method) by his mother (Anita Strindberg); his body is shown afterwards when Silvia Dioniso discovers Anita cradling Stefano's body in her arms.

TV Deaths[]

None known.