Male Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Caleb Alexander Smith 1.03 Contain the Flame - Seth, died of smoke inhalation
  • Benjamin Thys 1.05 Shock to the System - Marshall, died of internal injuries after being electrocuted
  • Sam Anderson 2.13 The Dark Night - Elliot, Died of lung cancer after signing a DNR order.
  • Brett Tucker 2.15 Always Ready - Lucas Ripley, Died of complications after exposure to hydrofluoric acid
  • Alberto Frezza 3.03 Eulogy - Ryan Tanner, died offscreen of a gunshot wound sustained in the previous episode)
  • Jeff Davis 3.03 Eulogy - Martin, died of internal injuries after being hit by a manhole cover
  • Steven Allerick 3.04 House Where Nobody Lives - Marco, died in a house fire, death is shown in flashback

Female Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Vanessa Marano 2.01 No Recovery - Molly, died of crush injuries after being trampled on the stairs
  • Trinecia Moore-Pernell 2.05 Do a Little Harm... - Claire Sullivan, died of her injuries after a car accident, death is shown in flashbacks
  • Leah Lewis 2.08 Crash and Burn - Shannon, died of cardiac arrest after a car accident, then the ambulance she was in being blown off a cliff
  • Ann Cusack 3x01 I Know This Bar - Joan, died of massive bleeding after she accidentally stabbed herself in the neck with a pair of crafting scissors)
  • Phylicia Rashad 3.06 Ice Ice Baby - Pilar, froze to death after being trapped under a pile of snow in her car during a blizzard)
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