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Stanley Baker (in Rosanna Podesta's arms) in Sodom and Gomorrah

Stanley Baker (1928 - 1976)

Film Deaths[]

  • Home To Danger (1951) [Willie Dougan]: Shot in the chest by Alan Wheatley as he tries to protect Rona Anderson. They then get into a fight and Alan shoots him again. He dies a few minutes later after telling Rona that it was he who had shot Peter Jones after he caught him lining up a shot on her at the shooting party. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Knights of the Round Table (1953) [Modred]: Stabbed with a dagger at the end of a duel with Robert Taylor; he dies in Anne Crawford's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • The Red Beret (Paratrooper) (1953) [Sgt. Breton]: Falls to his death when his parachute fails to open during a training jump. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Good Die Young (1954) [Mike Morgan]: Shot in the back by Laurence Harvey when Stanley tries to surrender to the police. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Beautiful Stranger (Twist of Fate) (1954) [Louis Galt]: Shot with his own gun during a struggle with Herbert Lom whom Stanley had caught robbing the safe. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Hell Below Zero (1954) [Erik Bland]: Drowned after he falls into the freezing water at the end of a fight with Alan Ladd. (Thanks to Brian and Gordon)
  • A Hill In Korea (1956) [Cpl Ryker] Running up the hill to the temple, he is raked in the back from the machine gun on a tank. He dies a little later. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Alexander the Great (1956) [Attalus]: Although he does not die in the film; reportedly, according to production notes, he had a death scene that was filmed but deleted from the final cut. (which is now believed to be lost).
  • Yesterday's Enemy (1959) [Captain Langford]: A prisoner, he is shot to death by a Japanese soldier as he tries to get to the radio. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • The Criminal (The Concrete Jungle) (1960) [Johnny Banion]: Shot to death by one of Sam Wanamaker's henchmen.
  • The Guns of Navarone (1961) [Private 'Butcher' Brown]: Stabbed to death with his own knife by a German guard, after the guard pulls Stanley's knife out of his own wound. (Thanks to Brian)
  • A Prize of Arms (1962) [Turpin]: Burned to death, along with Tom Bell and Helmut Schmid, as their on-fire truck blows up when the flames reach the box of explosives. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • Sodom and Gomorrah (The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah) (1962) [Astaroth]: Stabbed in the chest by Stewart Granger at the end of a swordfight in the palace; he dies in Rosanna Podesta's arms shortly afterwards.
  • The Last Grenade (1970) [Major Harry Grigsby]: Machine-gunned by Alex Cord and Alex's henchmen. (Thanks to Gordon)

TV Deaths[]