Srdjan Todorovic (1965 - )

a.k.a "Zika"

Film DeathsEdit

  • Absolute 100 (Apsolutnih sto) (2001) [Igor Gordic]: Commits suicide by shooting himself while Boris Isakovic and other cops look on. He is later buried by his brother (Vuk Kostic ).
  • A Serbian Film (Srpski film) (2010) [Milos]: Shot to death along with Jelena Gavrilovic and Luka Mijatovic, when Srdjan fires through all three of their bodies while they're embracing in a suicide pact.
  • South Wind (Juzni Vetar) (2018) [Jani]: Hanged (off-screen) by Milos Timotijevic's gang. His death is confirmed when Milos Bikovic discovers him. (Nudity alert: Full)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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