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Spencer Locke in Cold Case: Jackals

Spencer Locke (1991 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Landmine Goes Click (2015) [Alicia]: Violently raped to death by Kote Tolordava while Sterling Knight watches helplessly.
  • The Elvis Room (2016) [Jody]: Stabs herself in the neck with a corkscrew while under the influence of a supernatural entity as Bailey Noble watches in horror. Her body is shown again (along with Bailey) when Maile Flanagan sees them.

Television Deaths[]

  • Cold Case: Jackals (2009) [Sarah Blake]: Stabbed to death by Michael Raymond-James while Clayne Crawford looks away helplessly. Her body is initially seen at the start of the episode. Her death is later seen in a flashback. She later appears as a ghost/figment of imagination to Kathryn Morris and her father (Barry Cullison), who flashes back to his younger self (John Scarangello), at the end of the episode when her murder is solved.

Notable Connections[]