Sophie Gendron (with Kevin Jubinville) in Framed for Murder

Sophie Gendron (19?? -)

Film DeathsEdit


TV DeathsEdit

  • Saving Emily (2004 TV) [Taylor]: Shot in her chest (off-screen) by Chuck Shamata or one of his henchmen; her death is revealed when Alexandra Paul discovers her body, with Michael Riley discovering her shortly afterwards.
  • A Lover's Revenge (2005 TV) [Sarah Jane Lang]: Hit by a car while she's running away from William R. Moses. (Thanks to Utonium)
  • Framed for Murder (2007 TV) [Karen]: Strangled with a cord by Kevin Jubinville in her apartment. He then hangs her body (off-screen) to make it look like suicide; her dangling legs are shown afterwards when Elisa Donovan discovers her. (Thanks to Nick)
  • You Killed My Mother (2017 TV) [Susanna Barett]: Shot to death by Carlena Britch after following her out to a parking garage.


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