Sophia Crawford (1966 -)


Sophia Crawford in Naked Huntress.

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Cyprus Tigers (Dong fang lao hu) (1990) [Susan]: Shot to death (we don’t see where she’s hit) by police while fighting one of the heroes in the parking garage. When she falls on top of him, her lips land directly on his in an accidental “Death Kiss” for comic effect.
  • Angel Terminators II (Huo zhoug; The Best of the Lady Kickboxer) (1991) [Blonde]: Hit in the face with a shovel at the end of a fight with Moon Lee. (Thanks to Drizzt)
  • Beauty Investigator (Maio tan shuang jiao) (1992) [Lisa]: Hits her head on an iron pipe during a fight with Yukari Oshima in a shipyard.
  • Naked Huntress (Yin yao hao qing; Hero Dream) (1993) [Blonde]: Shot in the chest by the police during a robbery. (Thanks to Spike for idenifying which movie this clip came from. )
  • Night Hunter (1996) [Carmella]: Neck snapped by Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson at the end of a fight in a restaurant.
  • U.S. Seals 2: The Ultimate Force (2001) [Sophia]: Impaled in the chest with a sword at the end of a fight with Karen Kim.

TV Deaths Edit

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Stunt Work Edit

as a professional stunt performer, Sophia has “died” in place of several other actresses including Sarah Michelle Gellar in Scream 2 (1997)


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