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Snoop Dogg in Murder Was the Case.

Snoop Dogg (1971 - )

A.K.A. Calvin Cordozar Broadus or Snoop Lion

Film Deaths[]

  • Baby Boy (2001) [Rodney]: Shot to death (repeatedly in the chest and stomach, at the end of a chase through the neighborhood) by Omar Gooding, on top of being shot in the knees by Tyrese Gibson.
  • Bones (2001) [Jimmy Bones]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach with his own switchblade by Ron Selmour, Clifton Powell and Ricky Harris as Michael T. Weiss makes them do so at gun point (after Michael shoots Snoop several times). He then impales himself on a switchblade when it’s Pam Grier’s turn and his body is later seen as Ron, Clifton, Ricky and Michael drag him away. He later returns from the dead after killing Sean Amsing and is seemingly destroyed once again when Pam dies while destroying what's left of his earthly remains (though at the end he has revealed to have possessed his daughter).
  • The Tenants (2005) [Willie Spearmint]: Stabbed with a paper cutter by Dylan McDermott.
  • Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror (2006) [HOH/Devon]: Shot to death in a gang related shoot out; his death is shown in an animated prologue and he spends the rest of the film as a demonic entity.

TV Deaths[]

Music Video Deaths[]

  • Murder Was The Case (Video, 1995) [Silky Slim]: Dies from his injuries after being shot to death in a shootout by Charlie Murphy; he dies mid-surgery. He is later resurrected as part of a deal with The Devil (Gregory Scott Cummins), only to be killed again when he's strangled by a guard in jail.
  • Urban Menace (Video, 1999) [Preacher Caleb]: Killed in a fire or by mobsters (along with his family) when they burn down his church (Initially it appears he survived the inferno, but it's later revealed he in fact died and has come back to life possessed by a demon).

Notable Connections[]

  • Cousin of Brandy Norwood and Ray J