Siobhan Flynn (19?? - )


Siobhan Flynn in The Island (2005).

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Island (2005) [Lima One Alpha]: Poisoned when Phil Abrams injects an unspecified drug into her IV after she gives birth in the cloning facility's clinic. (Thanks to Arnold)
  • Tales of the Black Feighter (Watchmen: Tales of the Black Feighter) (2009;animated) [Sea Captain's Elder Daughter]: decapitated (off-screen) by the crew of the Black Feighter; her severed head is shown afterwards when her father (voiced by Gerard Butler) sees it hanging from the Feighter as the ships pass each other. This turns out to be a hallucination, she survives the movie in reality. (Thanks to Tommy)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Tales from the Crypt: Report from the Grave (1996) [Arianne]: Accidentally killed by James Frain, who later brings her back to life through his experiments. She later dies once again (though I don't know the circumstances) (Thanks to Aaron)
  • Hellsing Ultimate: Chapter IX (2014; anime) [Yumie Takagi]: After attacking the rejuvenated Walter C. Dornez (Liam O'Brien), she gets torn apart by Walter's strings, to the fury of Heinkel (Karen Strassman).
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