Simone Signoret (1921- 1985)
Army of Shadows (1969) - Mathilde's Assassination 0-55 screenshot (1)

Simone Signoret in Army of Shadows

Film Deaths Edit

  • Room at the Top (1959) [Alice Aisgill]: Killed in a car crash (implied to be suicidal).
  • Compartiment tueurs (The Sleeping Car Murder) (1965) [Éliane Darrès]: Shot to death by Claude Mann in elevator.
  • The Deadly Affair (1966) [Elsa Fennan]: Killed when Maximilian Schell applies pressure to her carotid artery while sitting next to her in a crowded theatre; it isn't apparent that she's being murdered until afterwards, when she falls out of her seat as the other audience members leave.
  • Army of Shadows (L' Armee des ombres; The Shadow Army) (1969) [Mathilde]: Shot to death by Lino Ventura in the street, after she had betrayed him to the Gestapo. 
  • La Veuve Couderc (1971) [Tati Couderc]: Shot to death (off-camera) in a shoot out in his house by the polices with Alain Delon at the end of movie.

Notable Connections Edit

Mrs. Yves Montand


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