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Simon Pegg in Big Nothing

Simon Pegg (1970 - )

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Band of Brothers: Day of Days (2001) [First Sergeant William Evans]: Killed along with Jason O'Mara and others when their airplane is shot down by German antiaircraft fire. We don't see Simon specifically die, but we see the plane crash and explode.
  • Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible: Curse of the Blood of the Lizard of Doom (2001) [Angus]: Hung from the ceiling of his cell with his long lizard tongue by Nia Roberts, who at first makes it look like suicide.
  • Doctor Who: The Long Game (2005) [The Editor]: Killed in an explosion when the Jagrafess overheats and explodes, while Anna Maxwell-Martin's reanimated body grabs Simon and stops him from escaping.
  • Mob City: A Guy Walks Into a Bar (2013) [Hecky Nash]: Shot to death by Jon Bernthal.
  • The Grand Tour: Opera Arts and Donuts (2016) [Himself]: Drowned in the river after being attacked by a bunch of seagulls.