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Simon Farnaby in Your Highness

Simon Farnaby (1973 - )

Film Deaths

  • Bunny and the Bull (2009) [Bunny]: Gored to death by a bull (shown in a flashback as Edward Hogg tells his story). He later appears to Edward as a spirit. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Your Highness (2011) [Manious the Bold]: Throat slit at the end of a fight with James Franco. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Bill (2015) [Earl of Croydon/other characters]: Playing multiple roles, the "Earl of Croydon" is executed by beheading (off-screen) for treason by Laurence Rickard; there's a brief scene of Simon being led up to the block during the credits. (Simon's other roles survive the film.) (Played for comic effect.)
  • Mindhorn (2017) [Clive Parnevik]:
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