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Sienna Miller (1981 - )

a.k.a. Sienna Rose

Film Deaths[]

  • Factory Girl (2006) [Edie Sedgwick]: Dies (off-screen) of an overdose of barbiturates. We last see her walking out of her therapist's office, followed by some on-screen text informing us of her death.
  • Camille (2008) [Camille]: Dies as the result of being thrown from a motorcycle, but is then mysteriously resurrected as a zombie. At the end its implied that she and James Franco ride off to the next world.
  • The Lost City of Z (2016) [Nina Fawcett]: Dies (off-screen) many years after the events of the film; her death is mentioned in the closing text.

Television Deaths[]

  • Extrapolations : 2070 : Ecocide (2023) [Rebecca Shearer]: Died falling from a building. The cause of her death remains unexplained. Miller may have committed suicide, she may have been under the influence of her medication with dubious side effects or she may have been murdered by Kit Harington's men.