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Shinataro Katsu In Tenchu

Shintaro Katsu (1931 - 1997)

Film Deaths[]

  • Yagyu Renyasai's Secret Moonlight Circle (Yagyu renyasai: hidentsuki kagesho) (1956) [Samurai]: Cut down with a sword in the films climatic sword duel with Raizô Ichikawa.
  • Tenchu (Hitokiri) (1969) [Izo Okada]: Crucified on a cross and speared multiple times through his sides.
  • The Whale God (Kujira gami) (1962) [Kishu] Drowns while trying to kill the whale.
  • Incident at Blood Pass (Machibuse) (1970) [Gentets]: Commits suicide by jumping off a cliff in order to avoid getting arrested by the police after him. 
  • Yakuza Masterpiece (Yakuza Zessho) (1970) [Minoru]: Shot rival gangsters while in a bathhouse.  
  • Ronin-Gai (1990) [Yagoemon Akaushi]: Commits suicide by pushing a sword through his stomach and kills Akira Nakao who was standing behind him with the same blade.