Shingo Tsurumi in 'Gonin 2'

Shingo Tsurumi (1964 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Gonin (1995) [Shigeru Hisamatsu]: Shot to death by Jinpachi Nezu.
  • Gonin 2 (1996) [Yoichi]: Sliced in the top of the head with a sword by Ken Ogata.
  • Black Angel Volume 1 (Kuro no tenshi Vol 1) (1997) [Narusawa]: Shot to death by Riona Hazuki.
  • Rasen (Spiral) (1998) [Miyashita] Dies due to reading the cursed diary. 
  • Sharkskin Man and Peach Hip Girl (Samehada otoko to momojiri onna) (1998) [Mitsuru Fukuda]: Shot in the head multiple times by Tatsuya Gashûin
  • Dead or Alive (Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha) (1999) [Chinese Mafia Boss]: Shot through the chest from behind by Michisuke Kashiwaya while he had his sword pointed at Riki Takeuchi.
  • Freeze Me (2000) [Kojima]: Beaten to death by Harumi Inoue.
  • Death Note: L Change the World (2008) [Kimihiko Nikaido]: Dies from radiation poisoning after being exposed for too long in a contaminated room.
  • Yakuza Weapon (Gokudo heiki) (2011) [Kurawaki] Machine gunned to death by Tak Sakaguchi
  • The Age of Shadows (2016) [Higashi]: Dies when the house he is in explodes when hidden explosives go off. 

TV DeathsEdit


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