Sherri Shaum's death in Charmed: Pre-Witched

Sherri Saum (1974 - )

Television DeathsEdit

  • Charmed: Pre-Witched (2001) [Ariel]: Lifeforce taken with a spell by W. Earl Brown while in her human form.
  • One Life to Live (September 16, 2003) [Keri Reynolds]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by jumping from a window or balcony in a hotel; her body is shown afterwards when Patricia Elliott discovers her.
  • CSI: Miami: Point of Impact (2009) [Karen Ballard]: Dies in a grueosome car accident (losing an eye in the process), (She was unintentionally killed by her son (Arjay Smith) when he hid weed in the body of the car, and inadvertently cut the hose of the body of the car.)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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