Sherman Howard in Day of the Dead

Sherman Howard (1949 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Day of the Dead (1985) [Bub]: Dies (off screen) during the zombie outbreak before the film takes place. He appears as a zombie throughout. (See also Stark Sands in the 2008 version.)
  • Retroactive (1997) [Trooper]: Shot to death by James Belushi . In another scenario he is once again shot to death by James.  His death is later undone through time travel. 

TV DeathsEdit

  • Superboy: With This Ring I Thee Kill (1989) [Warren Eckworth]: Playing a dual role as Warren Eckworth and Lex Luthor taking the form of Warren Eckworth via plastic surgery. 'Eckworth' is shot in the neck by Sherman Howard
  • Superboy: Roads Not Taken Part 1 (1990) [Alternate Lex Luthor]: Killed by alternate universe Gerard Christopher by bisecting him with his heat vision. Death not shown but his grave is shown. Murder described to the Gerard Christopher of the main universe.
  • Superboy: Roads Not Taken Part 2 (1990)[Alternate Lex Luthor]: Playing a dual role as Lex Luthor and his doppelganger from an alternate universe. The alternate Lex Luthor is shot and dies in a raid. (Lex Luthor of the original universe still lives.)

[Steiller]: Pushed off a building by Alan Dale.


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