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Shelley Winters in The Night of the Hunter

Shelley Winters (1920 - 2006)

Film Deaths:[]

  • A Double Life (1947) [Pat Kroll]: Strangled by Ronald Colman in her bedroom. Her body is shown again later on when the police investigate.
  • Larceny (1948) [Tory]: Shot to death by John Payne as she embraces him. (Thanks to Alan)
  • The Great Gatsby (1949) [Myrtle Wilson]: Hit by a car driven by Betty Field.
  • A Place in the Sun (1951) [Alice Tripp]: Accidentally drowned when the boat capsizes while she is out on a lake with Montgomery Clift. She was pregnant at the time of her death, consequently, her unborn child also died.
  • Phone Call from a Stranger (1952) [Binky Gay a.k.a. Bianca Carr]: Killed in a plane accident, along with Michael Rennie and Keenan Wynn. (Thanks to Bill)
  • Mambo (1954) [Toni Salerno]: Hit by a car while running through a parking garage. (Thanks to Alan)
  • The Big Knife (1955) [Dixie Evans]: Hit by a bus off-screen; we learn of her death afterwards when Wendell Corey informs Ida Lupino. (Thanks to Alan)
  • The Night of the Hunter (1955) [Willa Harper]: Throat slit off-screen, while she's in bed by Robert Mitchum. Robert then ties her body in the car and pushes it into the the river. Where her body is shown afterwards.
  • The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) [Mrs. Petronella Van Daan]: Dies off-screen in a concentration camp; her death is confirmed in an epilogue scene of Joseph Schildkraut discussing the deaths of all his friends. (Thanks to Alan)
  • Lolita (1962) [Charlotte Haze]: Hit by a car off-screen. Her body is shown lying in the street (covered with a sheet) afterwards.
  • The Mad Room (1969) [Mrs. Armstrong]: Hacked to death off-screen with a saber by Stella Stevens; her body is shown afterwards when Stella 'discovers' her. (Thanks to Bill)
  • Bloody Mama (1970) [Kate 'Ma' Barker]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with the FBI. Shown as a series of black & white still frames.
  • Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (Who Slew Auntie Roo?) (1971) [Rosie 'Aunt Roo' Forrest]: Burned to death after Mark Lester starts a fire in the kitchen while she is trapped in the pantry.
  • The Poseidon Adventure (1972) [Belle Rosen]: Dies of a heart attack after rescuing Gene Hackman from being trapped underwater. Her body is shown when her husband (Jack Albertson) goes down beside her.
  • Shattered (Something to Hide) (1972) [Gabriella Field]: Throat accidentally slashed (off-screen) when she falls onto a broken bottle during a fight with Peter Finch. Her body is never shown; we only hear about her death afterwards when Peter confesses to Linda Hayden. (Thanks to Bill)
  • Cleopatra Jones (1973) [Mommy]: Knocked off a walkway during a fight with Tamara Dobson.
  • An Average Little Man (Un Borghese piccolo piccolo; A Very Little Man) (1977) [Amalia Vivaldi]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to Giulia)
  • City on Fire (1979) [Nurse Andrea Harper]: Hit by falling rubble while the burning hospital is being evacuated. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Looping (Looping: Der lange Traum von kurzen Gluck) (1981) [Carmen]: Shot in the head. (Thanks to Alan)
  • Heavy (1995) [Dolly Medina]: Dies off-screen of natural causes; we only learn about her death afterwards when Liv Tyler finds Pruitt Taylor Vince standing at her grave.
  • Raging Angels (1995) [Grandma Ruth]: Falls down a flight of stairs while running away from a demon. (Thanks to Alan)

Television Deaths:[]

  • Adventures of Nick Carter (1972; TV movie) [Bess Tucker]: Killed off-screen by Neville Brand. Her body is shown afterwards when Robert Conrad discovers her sitting in a parked car. (Thanks to Alan and Tom)
  • The Initiation of Sarah (1978; TV movie) [Mrs. Erica Hunter]: Burned to death after Kay Lenz uses her telekinetic powers to set the sorority house terrace on fire. (Thanks to Eugene)
  • Elvis (1979; TV movie) [Gladys Presley]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to Alan)
  • Roseanne (2018) [Nana Mary]

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