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Shelley Conn in Dead Set

Shelley Conn (1976 - )

Television Deaths[]

  • Hawkins (2001) [Sharim Raziq]: Drowns (along with Gregory Chisholm) when Doug Allen rams their car off a wharf into the river.
  • Dead Set (2008; mini-series) [Claire]: Killed by the zombies, after Andy Nyman locks her in the control room when the zombies break in. She reanimates soon after and appears as a zombie when Jaime Winstone tries to escape in the van, and is later shot in the head by Warren Brown.
  • The Irregulars: Chapter Three: Ipsissimus (2021) [Dion Cross]: Has her throat cut and is hung from a bedpost (along with Kieran Hodgson) in a magical ritual conducted by Olivia Grant. Her body is shown when Thaddea Graham and the other Irregulars discover it.
  • Gen V: Sick (2023) [Dean Indira Shetty]: Forced to slash her own throat with a kitchen knife by Maddie Phillips' mind control powers. She dies of blood loss when Maddie stops Jaz Sinclair from using her blood manipulation powers to save Shelley.